Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from one hundred four weeks!

It’s been a wonderful year.

Modifications to the Solano

I posted earlier that I would be posting an update related to the modifications I’ve made to my bass recently.  After a couple weeks with the changes and some others’ opinions, I feel that I can make a substantive post about the effects of these changes.

My bass orignally came like this.  It has a taipiece [...]

Bass Player Party!

All of my bass students and any other bassists that can make it are invited to an end-of-semester party at my place!


When: Teusday, Dec 12, 2006          6:00-10:00Where:My place (on Lake Morton in Lakeland – Leave email for directions)Food:  Fajitas

It’s all free and you don’t have to bring anything (I remember what it’s like to [...]

In a room dimly lit

This is from several months ago, but I thought I would share:

Google Adsense

I am experimenting with the use of Google Adsense on this blog.  If you find this use egregious, leave a comment and I’ll consider it.

The last week of Classes|End of a semester

It’s nearly the end of the semester and I haven’t added anything substantive to this blog in weeks.

Look for upcoming posts on:

a|Finals and Juries

b|Educational Blogging/Graduate Blogs

c|My “new” bass (at least she doesn’t sound like the bass I’ve been playing).

I anticipate a bit of free time soon, so look for these coming up shortly.