There’s no Scene in Cleveland!

Most anyone who reads this and cares about classical music has probably already heard about this recent article in Cleveland’s weekly alt-newspaper, Scene.

It addresses the lack of audition screens at Cleveland Orchestra auditions and the influence of concertmaster William Preucil on the orchestra. I won’t comment, because I have no firsthand knowledge of any [...]

Liveblogging from the USF Symphony Orchestra concert. We are in between dress and concert and hit in about 15 minutes. I had planned on doing some homework, but dinner took too long and there is no place to do the requisite listening here.

I described the program here, so I won’t do [...]

Arenas|Feinman Recital

Re-Posted from the USF Jazz Blog

Wednesday, February 07, 2007
The joint Junior Recital of USF Jazz Studies juniors Alejandro Arenas and Mark Feinman presented attendees with a well-conceived showcase for drums and double bass. A considerable crowd turned out to hear this duo, accompanied by jazz piano student John O’Leary and recent Graduate Studies graduate [...]

Inside the Adjunct’s Studio|history in the making

I began teaching at my alma mater autumn 2005.

Upon graduation just a year earlier, I swore I would never step foot on the campus again. Growing pains (the school had less than 1000 students when I arrived in 2000 and enrolls over 3000 today) had made my time at the University unpleasant [...]

rrk in a cage

Rashaan Roland Kirk and John Cage in a Dick Fontaine film (for television?) entitled “Sound.”