this’ll make you think twice…

Several years ago, I was dropping my parents off for a cruise from Port Canaveral while a hurricane (I can never remember which one was which) was coming in on the West coast of Florida. They had perfectly calms seas while I went to sleep unsure that the roof would still be there in [...]

the artist’s privilege

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***offensive language ahead***

Loosely transcribed at AAJ:

”I don’t speak Italian, but I hope that somebody who speaks English tell those a**holes to shut off those f***ing cameras. Until you don’t do it, music won’t be at its best and you will have spent your money for nothing. I’m speaking to you, you, you, and you, [...]

Back in Brown

The following is probably one of my favorite jazz bass Youtube finds. It’s a nine-part feature of a Ray Brown masterclass with English students. It has a watermark in the top left corner, some credits at the end, and is dubbed in French. The cuts appear to consider only filesize, as no [...]

Singing a syllable to the left

Jeff Berlin has a tendency to cause quite a stir. He has very strong, sometimes controversial opinions about music instruction and the learning process. He has written for Bass Player magazine and founded the Players School of Music.

This video is a hilarious testament to his musicianship. There are plenty of bass players [...]