what’s in a name?

This website has been known as “104 weeks” for almost 104 weeks. My first post was on 25 June 2006. It was planned as a chronicle of two years (not quite 104 weeks, actually) for Graduate school. I’m near the end of my schooling and things have evolved here. While I’m still hosting at USF’s servers, many readers reach this site from a redirect at

This page is an opportunity for people to get to know me. People who may want to study with me, book me (and my band) for an event, other bassists and jazz musicians who may actually be interested in my perspective, Polk county locals looking for a good restaurant. 104 weeks no longer reflects the purpose of this website, which is why I’ve renamed the heading of this blog: “matthew wengerd|bassist.”

Stay tuned. Things are only getting bigger and better.

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