My Practice Stand

Presently on my stand:

Isaiah Billè: Nuovo Metodo Per Contrabbasso
—This is the first of seven (!) books in the method. I bought these when Mars was going out of business in Tampa for less than $35 for the first six books. ‘ve never really worked through them and am now to determine their viability [...]

Cleveland Orchestra Warmups

As a Cleveland Orchestra junkie and former student of Kevin Switalski, Assistant Principal at the CO, I was quite excited when Farin Hoover posted these warmups on Talkbass.

They are extremely time consuming and difficult, but well worth the effort. In the beginning, I recommend you take one warmup per day, until you’ve conditioned yourself [...]

My other life

My personal blog can be found here.


This is the Laborie endpin I recently had installed on my 2003 Solano Klotz. It is installed at a 44 degree angle from verticle and can be installed straight back (perpendicular to the back) or angled “out” (from the player’s feet). I elected to get mine set straight back because this is the [...]

Here comes trouble

When: Monday, August 07 2006
My Assistantship starts real [...]

Pre-school (not preschool) get-together

I will be meeting with Chuck Owen and Dave Stamps next Wednseday to discuss the details of my Graduate Assistantship with the Center for Jazz Composition at USF. I am quite looking forward to my time with the Center and believe that it may open as-of-yet unimagined possibilities for my future.

time to practice

placement auditions coming soon.

I’m feeling much better now.

Not only have I submitted my vaccination records (am I some sort of domestic animal?), but I am registered and ready to go!

I have discovered a new (to me) double bass blog and am amazed by this video:

More later.

records of the wrong sort

I cannot get ahold of my MMR records and am, therefore, unregistered at present. I have also found that my Assistantship (like all others, I presume) starts on the 7th! Almost three weeks before classes!

At least I’ll be enjoying myself.