i get it – five!

My USF-sanctioned quintet, Ten Over Two, had our only USF-sanctioned concert last night at FAH 101, the recital hall. I have to say it was one of the most gratifying concerts I’ve ever done. It wasn’t without issues, but the turnout and results were quite gratifying.

Ten Over Two

John Rodriguez|tenor saxophone
Ed Reid|trumpet
Daniel Joiner|piano
Paul Keesling|drums
Matthew [...]

can you believe it?!?!

Some people may not find this to be of any real significance, but a jazz artist just won Album of the Year at the GRAMMY’s! Herbie Hancock’s River:The Joni Letters received the nod after 44 years of jazz-absence in the category. Absolutely amazing!

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I present:


give a man a microphone

For those of you in the greater Tampa, Saint Petersburg, Sarasota area, wake up at the most unimaginable time possible Monday, 11 February 2008. To celebrate 26 years of living, I will host my first on-air shift of jazz programming at WUSF 89.7 from 1:00-5:00 am. It’s called Sunday Night Jazz, even though [...]

sonny, please

I heard a story recently about Sonny Stitt that painted him in a nice-but-oh-so-serious-about-the-music light. I won’t share that here, but Cosby’s inimitable style makes this story keep you laughing all day long.

for your enjoyment

decided to go exploring the blogosphere after the PCB meetup last night and ran across one of the best public arts projects I’ve ever seen: