a knuckle-dragger roundup

It seems like there is a dearth of information about the German bow. I don’t quite know what causes this, but there just seem to be many more French players and information out there.

Imagine my joy and surprise when I read Stan Haskins’ Budget German bow roundup. He seems to give reasonably high [...]

i’ve heard that tune before…

The ClickForLessons blog had another interesting post (I was reading back into the archives) I thought worth mentioning. The issue of pricing lessons has always been a vexing one. How do you prevent undervaluing yourself without pricing yourself out of the market? I think these figures wouldn’t fly in my market:

If you [...]

what a day! (or “America’s Funniest Auto Mechanics)

For those of you who do not know, I work for a radio station in the Tampa/St. Petersburg/Sarasota Market. I have been a desk jockey for the station since the start of the summer. In recent weeks, I have been “voice checking” (recording copy for evaluation by my supervisors), working on my inflection [...]

they all laughed at me

In high school, they all used to laugh at me because I dug this instrument. The theremin is one of my all time favorite sounds, coming in right behind that of my own instrument. had a link to this video on their blog. I now feel slightly vindicated:

i’m famous!!!

The Aebersold wrap-up will be here shortly, but I have to relate a more pressing issue:

I arrived home from the workshops and immediately set upon the most urgent task: sorting through two weeks of mail. I separated the letters, cards, and invitations from the magazines and bills (no letters from collections agencies) and left [...]

baker’s theory

I’m in David Baker‘s theory class right now. Baker is the chair of the Indiana University Jacobs School of Music Department of Jazz Studies. Just check out the first paragraph of his IU bio:

David Baker studied with J.J. Johnson, Janos Starker, and George Russell. He has been honored with nominations for the [...]

couldn’t get this close for moody

The house was packed for Moody, but let up ever so slightly for subsequent sets. I’ve been trying to get a shot like this all week.

wednesday night at mastersons

This week’s Wednesday night concert at Masterson’s features the incomparable James Moody. Also playing are drummer Jonathan Higgins, guitarist Dave Stryker, and Organist Bobby Floyd. You should be here right now.

Moody conducted a saxophone masterclass today and will be hosting a flute masterclass on Thursday. We are honored to have such [...]

one, two…

1…If you know Jamey Aebersold, you know he likes to take pictures. He tells me he uses the SnP method of photography – Shoot and Pray. He gets some good shots that are featured throughout the buildings this week. Unfortunately, he snagged one of a visible stunned me and had it placed [...]


I only have internet in the dining hall and can’t post regularly. I do have a doozy of a story to tell when I get it up and running again.