Monday Lessons

Monday lessons will be on Tuesday this week.

Google Sets

I’ve discovered one of the more intriguing sectors of the Google world in the lab portion of their website.

Google Sets automatically creates sets from a few given examples.  For instance, I can enter turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, and cranberry sauce and get the results

cranberry sauce


turkey [...]

Youtube and the Ipod

Most of you should know by now that is the resource for jazz performance videos. The most vexing issue surrounding youtube it refusal to allow users to download video. I can tell you that I am presently watching Erroll Garner perform “All the Things You Are” on my brand new 5g Video [...]

Goofy Schedule this Week

No Monday lessons today.

I also have to move Rick this week.

I would like to propose the following for tomorrow, Tuesday the 14th:

4:30 Nate
5:00 Brandon
6:00 Rick

Let me know if this works.


Heath –

I’ll pick you up if you can get a ride back.

Milt Hinton

Gig announcement

Come see my play my first Chamber Music gig at First Pres this afternoon at four pm.


Lessons for Thursday, November 2 are cancelled. I will not be there. Don’t show up.

See you next week!