Weely Assignments – Autumn 2006

Check here for your weekly assignments and my expectations for our next lesson.


    wk 01.pinky exercise|find major scale form and learn one maj scale
    wk|”name that note”|3 maj scales of your choice
    wk 03.
    wk|”name that note”|Bring in copy of Circle of 5ths|Maj_Min triads and 10ths
    wk 05.order your books!|pe|maj triads|name that note|key sig quiz
    wk 06.order books!|pe_alternating fingers\floating thumb|maj triads|name that note|key sig quiz


    wk exercise (one string minimum)|RBC pp1-9|gmaj scale and arpeggio 2 octaves
    wk 02.pe_7th fret and lower|RBC pp10-11|gmaj_up string/across strings/combination
    wk 03.
    wk 04.kinesthesia exercise|shift exercise|”name that note”|bring in circle of 5ths|esI_med funk|rbc 12-13
    wk w/clean shift|rbc 14-15|esi med funk|kinesthesia
    wk “bringing it together”|rbc 16-17|esi med funk| kinesthesia


    wk 01.pinky exercise|RBC pp1-9
    wk 02.where were you?
    wk 03.
    wk 04cxl
    wk 05.cxl
    wk 06.pop funk 2|pe


    wk 01.pinky exercise|RBC pp1-11|maj scales 2 octaves through circle of fifths|ESI medium funk
    wk 02.pe_down e/up b to 9th fret|maj scales through circle of 5ths|esI_pop funk#2|rbc pp12-15|transcribe “mary had a little lamb”
    wk 03.
    wk 04.transcribe birdland
    wk 05.finish ‘birdland’| DB next week
    wk 06.DB|straight, no chaser


    wk 01.pinky exercise|RBC pp1-11|Major scales 2 octaves through circle of fifths
    wk 02.pe_estring only|rbc pp12-15|esI med funk|all maj scales through circle of 5ths|transcribe “mary had a little lamb”
    wk 03.
    wk 04.esI_pop funk|all four minor scalse_all 12 keys|pe
    wk 05.esi pop funk & fusion funk|pe|minor and mixolydian scales| rbc 15-19
    wk 06.DB|straight, no chaser


    wk 01. pinky exercise
    wk 02.pe_even right hand tone|maj scale up string, across strings|rbc 9-12|transcribe “mary had a little lamb”
    wk 03.
    wk 04.pe_clean 4th finger lift|rbc 12-15|esI_med funk|transcription of choice
    wk 05.schism|pe_consistent tone|rbc 12-15|esi med funk\pop funk
    wk 06.good luck on your gospel gig


    wk 01.pinky exercise_play very legato|RBC pp1-9
    wk 02.4 pictures of bass players|pe – focus on pinky|rbc 8-11
    wk 03.pe_same focus|rbc 12-15|esi med funk
    wk 04.FLAT TIRE :-(
    wk 05.peexcellent sound|rbc 16-23|esi med funk\pop funk
    wk 06.cxl


    wk 01.pinky exercise_curved pinky/smooth sound|GMaj 2 octave
    wk 02.pe_5th fret down|GCFBb Maj w/ arp|RBC 10-13|esi med funk
    wk 03.cxl
    wk 04.FLAT TIRE:-(
    wk 05.cxl
    wk 06.

RBC.reading in class clef
ESI.essential styles for the drummer and bassist, book I