three things

1_The Bad Plus on Conan Friday 14 March 2008. I normally tape Conan, as I don’t tend to stay up that late, but this one was worth the loss of sleep. Pics and a post here.

2_Matt Heller’s adventures on Calgary’s public transportation system beat any bit of the 45 minute commute I’ve been doing for almost two years!

I certainly wasn’t happy about losing it, so I began frantically waving to stop the bus. No effect. It was heading down 9th Avenue, with only the perpetually red stoplights and rush-hour gridlock to slow it down. Now I was still carrying my bass, and I briefly considered popping on the wheel and chasing it down. You may recall my plan to write an action movie screenplay about an intelligence agent / musician, and this seemed like the perfect opportunity to test out a chase sequence.

3_I’ve stayed silent on Dennis’ passing for reasons I don’t really understand. I was with two of his bandmates the weekend before he passed and hadn’t realized just how bad things had become. When people pass, their survivors often re-write history. It’s always bugged me that it becomes verboten to speak the truth about unpleasant people after they die. This doesn’t seem to be necessary with Dennis. I’ve never heard a mean thing about Dennis.

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