blues for dennis

Doug Ramsey recently announced that Dennis Irwin, bassist for the Vanguard Orchestra and Matt Wilson’s Arts and Crafts, among others, has cancer and does not have the insurance to cover it. This is an issue facing many professional musicians (and many Americans in general), who work as independent contractors and cannot afford [...]

an “aha” moment

Thanks to this article from DRB, I was prompted to Google “Light Painting” and came up with this “behind the scenes” look at my favorite commercial of all times (hey, there’s even someone playing a double bass in it!). It never occurred to me that it might be stop-time with the characters who appear [...]

toronto in pictures (and words)

Jon Hendricks

Slow Registration booths

Corey Christiansen and MB3

Mike Downes playing with the Humber band (led by Vince Mendoza)

The Blog! with Neil Tesser, Darcy James Argue, et al

Mike Downes

Secret Society North

Kurt Elling and John Hendricks

Our Fearless Leader (and my boss)

Esperanza Spalding


blogging on blogging

In typical blog-boy fashion, I’m standing at the internet kiosk in the midst of The Madness, immediately following a Neil Tesser-hosted panel entitled “the blog!”

Tesser has no experience with blogs and, at least concerning the blogger with which I am most familiar, seems not to have dug too far back into the archives. [...]

now she sings…

I’ve been playing a little game here, at IAJE 2008 in Toronto:

Everytime I leave a computer at the Internet Kiosk, I set the homepage to to broaden my audience. Well, someone caught on. Shannon Butcher commented the following to my pictures and reviews post (a misnomer if there ever was one):

Just opened [...]

darcy shook it up

After fulfilling my obligations at the Center for Jazz Composition booth, I was able to catch half of the DJA Secret Society North set. He turned this place upside down; drawing from influences to which many a jazz musician refuse to open. Raucous and irreverent, all the while self-assured and honest – the [...]

pictures and reviews…

…are coming. I think I found a way to upload to flickr while I’m here. Keep an eye peeled.

another year, another show

Here I am, liveblogging the 2008 IAJE annual conference in Toronto. I’ve settled in and am about to see Ingrid Jensen and Nordic Connect. Pictures are abundant, but absent from the page, as I am using the internet kiosks the IAJE generously provide and they hide the box, preventing access to the USB [...]