I’m not what you would call a “natural talent.” I’ve had to work hard and long to obtain any skills I have as a musician and, as such, understand when a student just doesn’t “get it.” I approach each student as an individual with their own strengths and challenges. Each student’s interests and abilities shape the way we interact; a die-cut approach just doesn’t work.

I am presently teaching privately as I finish the coursework for my MM in Jazz Performance. I am actively pursuing a University teaching post at present. You may have discovered this website as a result of my CV being reviewed at your institution or you may be looking for a private bass instructor. Whatever brought you here, please feel free to poke about or even email me for more information.


There’s a whole page devoted to my private bass studio here. You can get information on rates and fill out a response-request form.


There is no substitute for a good teacher (Did I mention I give lessons?), but there is a great deal of information available to those willing to look for it. Thanks to metacafe and Youtube, among others, videos of great artists of the past and present are now a click away. Visit my videos page for some videos I think are worth your time.