You’ll be missed.

christmas straight, no chaser

I love when someone has vision for a tired old song or two:


eat your heart out, drew carey!

On Thursday, the wife and I, two cats, my brother-in-law, and his newlywed bride will all take a road trip to Cleveland to spend Christmas with our families. It just so happens that both of the jazz clubs in town are featuring bassists while I’m home. Unfortunately, they’re both the same night!

Dave Morgan, [...]

picking up the pieces

The Double Bass Guide has the most exhaustive list of double bass pickups I’ve ever seen. My particular favorites (not because I’ve heard them, just because they look interesting) include the Schaller pictured to the left, which looks like someone took the hood ornamant off of a 1957 cruise-mobile and wedged it onto the [...]

well, not that i really need one…

In Central Florida, keeping your bass humidified is not really a great concern. More often than not, I’m more worried about the heat and humidity causing my bass to literally fall apart at the seams. I’m pretty sure that it won’t be long before I’m in an environment that requires constant humidity to [...]

all i want for christmas is a new tailpiece

Corner Violin Shop is a great example of blogging to give your customer base the ability to peek into your world. Lately, they’ve been lamenting their lack of posts and inability to keep up with their good intentions (seems a little familiar, huh?). Well, this post took the cake. What upstanding string [...]

the problem with blogs…

Nothing philosophical here. Last night, I upgraded WordPress and wound up blog-less overnight. There was some problem with wp-cache that was fixed by removing the plugin entirely.

Seems Jason Heath is having a different kind of problem

This Account Has Exceeded Its CPU Quota

Please contact this site’s webmaster.

Wait a few minutes and use your browser’s [...]

the frozen north

DJA is taking a trip north for a Secret Society North hit at IAJE 2008. I’m really excited to see him on a panel discussion with Neil Tesser (Listen Here) and others entitled “The Blog.” It’s disappointing that there aren’t more people involved in major scenes blogging the way Darcy does. It [...]

a spicier blogroll

Good to see Michael Formanek becoming an active member of the Peabody Bass Blog. I’m looking forward to his addition to an already superb collective bass blog.