well, not that i really need one…

dampitIn Central Florida, keeping your bass humidified is not really a great concern. More often than not, I’m more worried about the heat and humidity causing my bass to literally fall apart at the seams. I’m pretty sure that it won’t be long before I’m in an environment that requires constant humidity to keep my bass safe. To that end, the Peabody Double Bass Blog‘s Jeffrey Weisner posted a recipe for a bass humidification system that looks as though it may be a much more effective upgrade from the ubiquitous Dampit (whose “m” is often removed when its users refer to it).

Jason Phillips’ Bass Humidifiers

    2 large kitchen sponges
    2 plastic Ziploc-type bags. (I used to use a type that was sold as “breathable” and had lots of teeny holes in them to allow air to circulate. These must have not been very commercially successful, since I haven’t seen them in stores for awhile. If you can find them, buy them and give some to bassists everywhere… If not, follow the instructions below.)
    4-6 feet of nylon fishing line, available at any sporting goods store
    1 safety pin

Tie the line fairly tightly around each sponge, then moisten the sponges and squeeze them out enough to that they won’t drip into your bass. If you don’t have the breathable bags, poke lots of holes into your plastic bags with the safety pin. Then slip the bags over the sponges, and insert the sponges into your f-holes. The nylon line should rest on the bridge.

2 comments to well, not that i really need one…

  • Thanks for the links Matt! Great blog BTW….

    I don’t know if you interact with him much, but please say hi to John Miller if you ever see him. He and I were in New World together years ago.

  • Absolutely! I’m thinking of moving back north this year and humidity will definitely be an issue with my volatile Klotz.

    I have spoken with John by phone a few times, but we’ve yet to meet. I will say hello for you next time we speak.


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