Milt Hinton

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  • Heath Nelson

    ok…there is no way i can make it to this thursday’s practice without some sorta “fill in” bass you can provide AND without you posting the time for me at another time. why?

    i totalled my car and now have no vehicle to travel with other than a bicycle. oh yeah i have 8 stitches in my forhead to prove it too. i can’t tote my bass all the way to college, much less make it there by 8am anymore like i used to.

    if you can, pleeeeeeeeeeease work this out with another student so i can have like a 12:00 slot (b/c i gotta ride my bike to school now) and maybe i can play on your bass or something when i’m there? i dunno.

    just call me anytime please. 863 838 1009

    sorry man for all this.

  • Tyler

    Wow. Sorry to hear that Heath. Let me know if I can help you out at all with a ride or anything. I’ve got a 9:00 spot so switching wouldn’t do much but let me know if I can do anything. (941)769-0387

  • Tyler

    oh, and that video is killer.

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