i’m famous!!!

The Aebersold wrap-up will be here shortly, but I have to relate a more pressing issue:

I arrived home from the workshops and immediately set upon the most urgent task: sorting through two weeks of mail. I separated the letters, cards, and invitations from the magazines and bills (no letters from collections agencies) and left to pick my wife up from the airport.

The day got away from us and I didn’t get a chance to sort through the rest. What a shock my wife got when she saw this:
Wired Cover 004

Yep, that’s me on the cover of Wired Magazine! I had forgotten that they asked subscribers to submit their pictures for customized covers several months ago. The email I received in response led me to believe I did not make the cut-off and would not be getting a customized cover, so the thought completely slipped my mind. I don’t even want to handle this one; I may go buy one off the newsstand to keep mine in good shape.

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