laborie on solano
This is the Laborie endpin I recently had installed on my 2003 Solano Klotz. It is installed at a 44 degree angle from verticle and can be installed straight back (perpendicular to the back) or angled “out” (from the player’s feet). I elected to get mine set straight back because this is the way it’s invetors, Francois Rabbath and Christian Laborie, intended it.

The advantage of the Laborie is that it moves the bass’ point of balance closer to or behind the center of gravity, lessening the perceived weight of the bass on your left hand. Rabbath, a French bow player, advocates a whole system, including a small, sloped-shoulder bass (such as the Queniol), the Laborie endpin, French bow, and an open stance.

I, however, don’t have any of this besides the endpin. Instead, I play German bow on the largest bass I have ever seen and have a mid-stance (not too closed, not too open). The primary benefit I see with the Laborie is my ability to enter Thumb Position (TP) easily while standing. It also means I don’t need to haul a stool around anymore!

You can read more about Rabbath here

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