My Practice Stand

practice stand 07.30.06
Presently on my stand:

Isaiah Billè: Nuovo Metodo Per Contrabbasso
—This is the first of seven (!) books in the method. I bought these when Mars was going out of business in Tampa for less than $35 for the first six books. ‘ve never really worked through them and am now to determine their viability as a teaching method. Plus, they’re helping me develop a good, long practice routine.

Ron Carter Basslines: All Bird
—Trying to build my four-on-the-floor reading and swing chops. my goal is to get through the whole book in one session by the end of the week.

Max Dimoff’s Warmups
—This is the Cleveland Orchestra warmup set about which I’ve already posted. Excellent, but tough!

Excertps for the USF Orchestra Seating Audition
—Two mvts from Mozart’s Haffner and two from Brahms Two. The Mozart (especially the Presto) is all about dexterity and speed and the Brahms, for me, is challenging in nuance.

Yardbird Suite
—From Aebersold’s “All Bird,” I have to have the head and changes down cold for the Jazz seating audition.

2 comments to My Practice Stand

  • Looks like a good set-up. I like the mounted metronome.

  • Hey Matthew,

    This is Jason from Lakeside…I got your message last Wednesday and tried to reply, but just today I got a failure notice on the e-mail i sent you to I’m so sorry it didn’t go through – i was really looking forward to getting with you last week. Are you available at all this week??? My cell # is 561-252-8047 and work is 863-687-2294. I’d love to do lunch too. Just let me know – you can call me any time!

    I’ll look forward to hearing from you!

    Jason Pamblanco

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