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Wednesday, February 07, 2007
Feinman_Arenas Recital 02.07.07 008The joint Junior Recital of USF Jazz Studies juniors Alejandro Arenas and Mark Feinman presented attendees with a well-conceived showcase for drums and double bass. A considerable crowd turned out to hear this duo, accompanied by jazz piano student John O’Leary and recent Graduate Studies graduate Rich Van Voorst on tenor sax.

Feinman_Arenas Recital 02.07.07 015The program opened with Charles MingusHatian Fight Song. After stating the theme, Van Voorst and O’Leary each took a turn soloing, followed by traded choruses between Arenas and Feinman. Someday My Prince Will Come followed, with excellent solos by Arenas and VanVoorst, followed by a re-statement of the head and Feinman’s solo.

Next was a transcription of performing Oscar Pettiford’s Tricotism, replete with moving double-stops and sinewy double-time passages. I have heard Alejandro play this piece several times before and he plays it with more confidence and conviction every time.

Feinman_Arenas Recital 02.07.07 023
The next several tunes were performed by the rhythm section only. Bud Powell‘s burning Tempus Fugit (with which, I am embarrased to say, I was not familiar until this evening) was followed by John Patitucci‘s arrangement of Santamaria‘s Afro Blue. This Arenas/Feinman duo was an excellent showcase for Feinman’s afro-cuban chops. The next tune was an Arenas original, We’ll See, which he dedicated to his parents. Hearing this made me wish I was able to take Dave Stamps‘ Jazz Comp classes. Ray Brown‘s arrangement (sense a pattern here?) of Ellington & Tizol’s Caravan provided the penultimate work of the evening. This arrangement required Arenas to perform the A sections of the head arco and perform an uncomfortably fast switch to pizz. for the B section. O’Leary and Feinman soloed on this tune.Feinman_Arenas Recital 02.07.07 025

The closer, Van Voorst’s Ray’s Blues, was a funky romp that brought Van Voorst back on stage and moved O’leary to the Fender Rhodes. This exhuberant tune provided one of the biggest surprises of the evening when a false ending led into Black Sabbath’s Iron Man!

In all, an excellent evening and one of the most creative instrumental recital programs I’ve had the pleasure to enjoy.
Feinman_Arenas Recital 02.07.07 026

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