hey, that’s what I said!

Michael Calore had a great post at a few weeks back about Google’s attempt to usurp the desktop. On a daily basis, I use Google’s maps, calendar, feedreader, mail, image search, blog search, news search, and personalized homepage. On a slightly less frequent (but still steady) basis, I use Google Documents.

My [...]

favicons, favicons!

104 weeks now has a favicon! You’ll notice that, next…… in the address bar is a tiny version of the bass clef here. Favicons are particularly useful for surfers who are not yet using and still use their browsers’ favorites bars, where the favicon will be displayed next to this blog’s [...]

you’ve got to get on the wagon to fall off

Well, I’ll join the Z-List. This is a type of traffic-builder designed to up your technorati ratings. Copy and repost the links, if you get a chance:

104 weeks
Jason Heath’s Double Bass BlogCreative ThinkSolorideMovie Marketing MadnessBlog Till You Drop!Get Shouty!One Reader at a TimeCritical FluffThe New PROwn Your Brand!OTOInsightsbizandbuzzWork, in Plain EnglishBuzz CanuckNew Millenium [...]

now i can finally study music!

At roughly 11:43 pm yesterday, I (somewhat) successfully completed my first year of Graduate School. I started this blog to chronicle the experience and it is slowly evolving into something greater. Summer is upon me and I can finally do the practicing I feel I need to do, without the distraction of assignments.

These [...]