so that’s what bassface looks like!

I played a benefit for the the volunteers of WUSF this week at the USF alumni Center. You can see pictures of the event here. Not only does my right hand look awful, but I have a nasty case of bassface. ugh.

twenty-four hours to go…

DJA was last seen liveblogging the Bang on a Can festival in NYC. Art music with a punk rock ethos (whatever that means).

It’ amusing to read through Darcy’s posts and see the effects of time, caffeine, and sleep deprivation on his posts. It’s commendable to stay the course (oh, brother) for twenty-six [...]

it’s the real thing

Apparently, I have had this link saved on my delicious since Halloween. It was just brought back to my attention by this thread at Talkbass. The generous webmaster of this site has compiled links to listening and purchasing sites (iTunes and, chiefly) for every tune in the Real Book 5th edition. [...]

a funny thing happened on armour stage

(I am posting this link as soon as I read it in order to beat Jason Heath to the punch. Jason is a wonderful, prolific blogger who posts things with such speed and regularity (at least way more than I can muster) that I find many things tagged toblog in my delicious on his [...]