congratulations are in order!

Congratulations to Jason Heath for being the latest addition to the International Society of Bassists’ (ISB’s) Board of Directors. Jason’s appointment shows the foresight (perhaps by this point it’s just common sense) the ISB has in including an www component in its highest level. Jason says it best:

I am still amazed at how [...]

are you kidding me?

This is the staff of the Jamey Aebersold Summer Workshops. God Have Mercy On Our Souls.

say what?

I ran into Chris Fitzgerald in the hall today and he commented on the amusement my posting brought him. I came into this very determined to post consistently, but quickly lost momentum. It’s kinda like watching DJA liveblog BoaC and seeing the fatigue set in, but mine’s not nearly as entertaining. Well, [...]

it’s not just me.

I haven’t encountered any other livebloggers yet, but I did catch a post by Thomas Howard chronicling his experiences. It is so great to see people with backgrounds in rock, pop, and classical music coming to these workshops and making great headway as jazz musicians. I’m awful with names; when Thomas posted at [...]

start of another week

We had a bit of a respite last night (following Transformers with Anotonio). The week starts back up today. I just had a less than pleasing audition, but this is one of those few low-pressure moments where it doesn’t really matter.

At the end of my audition, Friesen had me play my bass backwards (RH [...]


I will not be teaching at Southeastern University for the 2007-2008 Academic Year. Those of you studying bass at SEU will be studying with Mark Neuenschwander. I will continue to teach privately in Lakeland and throughout Central Florida.

reason #1543 to work at the jamey aebersold summer jazz workshops:

Where else can you see Transformers with Antonio Hart?

bass shots

Things have been much busier than expected and I haven’t had the time to write as I desired. I’ve been recording a lot of my experiences for a big audio dump and possible podcasting. While you’re waiting, here are some bass shots:

long day, long night.

Today was move-in day for the first of two week-long Aebersold Workshops. Many of the rhythm section players arrived earlier in the week for the two-day drum and bass workshops in addition to players here for The Man‘s two-day improvisation primer. The staff had a very reasonable call of 10:00 am today (after [...]