Youtube and the Ipod

Most of you should know by now that is the resource for jazz performance videos. The most vexing issue surrounding youtube it refusal to allow users to download video. I can tell you that I am presently watching Erroll Garner perform “All the Things You Are” on my brand new 5g Video Ipod thanks to the following steps:

01| If you are not already, you need to be using Firefox. It is free and a favorite browser of practically every serious computer user I know. Download it from the link provided.

02| Install one of the many extensions that allow you to download content from youtube (I am using Fast Video Download).

03| Download and install the Videora Ipod Converter. There is a full version of Videora that provides options for better quality/higher res, but it requires multiple steps to convert video for Ipod. Videora Ipod Converter will take the .flv file saved by the extension and convert it to a suitable format for Ipod.

04| Import the mpeg 4 (or other compatible format) file into Itunes from the File Menu.

05| Snyc your Ipod and enjoy.

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