well, there goes my excuse!

In light of recent additions to Lakeland traffic safety, I guess it’s time to re-examine my driving style.

I am very reticent to slam on my brakes at any time because, 9 times out of 10, my double bass is in the car when I am driving. I often run yellow lights and occasionally see red before I’m through the intersection. I’ve always told myself I could talk my way out of it, informing the officer that I was concerned about the safety of my $16, 000 bass and the possible damage it could cause to me.

Well, this poor member of the Memphis Symphony was unable to use this defense (only with a $60,000 viola) to get out of the ticket.

My favorite part is the fact that his response was, “My dissatisfaction with Judge Brannon’s ruling can be summed up in three words: procedure over substance. This is not honorable.” Sounds like a viola player, huh?

He deserves respect for a valiant effort, though! Guess I better come up with a new excuse.

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  • Bob Martin

    You may have heard recently about a seven-death pileup on the Indiana Toll Road. Road construction had taken the toll road down to one lane. A wrecker was working to remove a truck from a previous accident. My symphony’s tuba player had stopped about fifty feet from a long line of stopped cars and kept his eyes on his rear veiw mirror. Soon he saw a semi truck that was not going to stop behind him. He hit the accellerator and headed for the side of the road. The semi caught the back of his rental vehicle and smashed his tuba (not his good one). The truck continued on and ran into the back of a stopped car, pushing it under a semi truck, killing the five occupants. Drive safely, keep you eye on the rear-view mirror and find a way to secure your instrument so that it does not damage you in an accident.

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