it’s may. we went to the faire.

Mayfaire 2007|Ron LemoineToday was the second day of Mayfaire by the Lake in Lakeland, Florida. Yesterday’s hit was a 1:00pm with matthewwengerdtrio and today was a 12:00pm hit with Bendelow Road. There were over 200 exhibitors, ranging from musicians to sculptors to jewelry makers. There were quite a few duds, in my opinion, but I am very anti-Florida-style and imagined a lot of the art I saw hanging over a wicker sofa. ugh.

Highlights included:
Mayfaire 2007|Jack HillMayfaire 2007|Jack HillMayfaire 2007|Jack Hill
Jack Hill created these scultures – the larger “mello cello” sculpture was nearly six feet tall. I am particularly fond of the Icarus image of the middle piece.

Mayfaire 2007|Albin ArtsMayfaire 2007|Albin Arts
This is perhaps the most impressive work at Mayfaire. I was at first convinced that these were photos screened onto frames, but Mike takes the photos and Patty paints the frames. It’s a pretty phenomenal setup they have and I was impressed with every piece they had displayed.

Mayfaire 2007|Nathan Herrera
Nathan Herrera had an excellent set of Flamenco-inspired solo guitar work.

Mayfaire 2007|Joe PilcherMayfaire 2007|Joe PilcherMayfaire 2007|Joe Pilcher
Joe Pilcher’s work focused on laminate wood bent into vibrant shapes. His use of a reflective laminate on one side of the material creates pleasing lines in the center piece. I could not find web information for Pilcher.

Mayfaire 2007|Arthur Dillard
This image of Trane was created by Arthur Dillard. Dillard’s work is in the practice rooms of several of my friends’ homes. His work is music-centric and an interesting source of jazz-art.

Mayfaire 2007|Joe IhnsMayfaire 2007|Joe Ihns
Joe Ihn‘s furniture and sculpture work with wood is contemporary and plays to my interest in unique pieces of wood.

Mayfaire 2007|Ron Lemoine|Bass-playing BassMayfaire 2007|Ron LemoineMayfaire 2007|Ron Lemoine|Bass-playing Bass
Ron Lemoine creates fish-centric metal sculptures. I love the Bass-playing Bass, but am particularly fond of the shot in the center.

Mayfaire 2007|Michelle MardisMayfaire 2007|Michelle Mardis
It seems a lot of the artists had subject-themes. Michelle Mardis‘ theme was dogs. I can easily see one of these hanging over our couch, but I’m not sure the cat would appreciate it.

Mayfaire 2007|Scott CauseyMayfaire 2007|Scott CauseyMayfaire 2007|Scott Causey
I think I can easily call this my favorite exhibit at Mayfaire. Scott Causey‘s sculptures are absolutely breathtaking. I am not the only one to be drawn to these absolutely wonderful animals!

Last but not least, yours truly playing with matthewwengerdtrio:
TBS 730

While wifey and her brother watched:
TBS 717

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