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As you may already know, I use Google Feed Reader as my RSS feed aggregator. The following is a list of the items in my Google Reader:

_104 weeks
This blog.
_Aaron In Africa: My Time in Togo
My friends were in the Peace Corps serving in Togo. Reading this helps me understand the stories they tell.
Drew McManus’ excellent orchestra management blog. I was the Development Coordinator for the Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra and find this to be a very informative resource.
A Belgian blog that highlighted the USF Jazz blog.
_Cow Country Bass
A Connecticut Yankee writing about bass playing.
_craigslist | musicians in lakeland
_craigslist | musicians in orlando
_craigslist | musicians in tampa bay area
The musician’s classifieds at Craigslist for my local areas.
_CSO Bass Blog
Michael Hovnanian (of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra)’s insightful look into life as Big 5 bassist.
_Darcy James Argue’s Secret Society
I met DJA at IAJE 2007. One of the more prolific jazz bloggers, Darcy keeps the NYC dream alive for me.
_Dark Roasted Blend
Amazing images. Jason Heath hipped me to this one (and others).
_Dragons and Princesses
“Non-political, frequently musical, life in Washington.”
_EMERGE Lakeland Blog
A local business-type blog.
_Empirical Polk
One of the Lakeland-related blogs I try to keep up with.
_hella frisch
Matt Heller, the New World bassist who just won Calgary.
_Jason Heath’s Double Bass Blog
The man who started it all for me.
_Jazz Licks
One I just discovered. Explores jazz licks (duh!).
_Jazz: The Music of Unemployment
Andrew is a member of the Industrial Jazz Group. This is courtesy of DJA.
Station Manager of 90.7 KFSR radio in Fresno, California, Joe Moore writes on jazz.
Just like it says.
_Jessica Williams, Jazz Pianist, MORE NEW MUSIC!
Legendary pianist Williams’ blog discovery was a result of her Before and After in JazzTimes
_Lakeland Local
Another Local blog.
_Mama Need Java
And another (though I think the author is leaving the area, she hasn’t posted in a month, so I can’t quite recall).
_Musical Perceptions
Scott Spielberg is a DePauw Assistant Professor of Music.
My friend, David Gross’, rarely-updated blog.
_Riding For Charles
Bike riding in memory of Charles Barr.
From the same people who bring Adaptistration, this is Doug Ramsey’s take on jazz.
_Scribe Life
Philip Booth’s blog. Philip is a friend of mine who contributes to some major publications and works at the University of South Florida.
_SpiderMonkey Stories
Taylor Ho Bynum, in blog form.
_stop the play and watch the audience
A California jazzer.
_Tampa Jazz
The new project. All yo need to know about Tampa area jazz.
_Tcritic – The Daily T-Shirt Blog
I sued to hate tshirts. Then Tcritic changed me.
_the double bass is my best friend
The Double Bass community at Livejournal.
_Thomas Dolby’s Blog
Just like it says.
_USF Jazz
The blog I maintain that was highlighted by be.jazz.
_Win’s Bill Evans Blog
Win Loves Bill and Scottie.
_Working From Home Dad
Amos Wong works at home.I discovered him Googling for some scripting tips.

If you think I should add something, let me know. Post your own list and leave a comment so I check it out. And please don’t be offended if you’re not on this list; I’m not always as focused as I should be.

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