out from her window, “how far is ohio?” she laughed and pointed out east.

Aside from the fact that I’m lazy, I have an excuse for my brief silence. On Tuesday the 12th of June, Meghan , Rylee, Audrey and I packed up and headed North. We stopped in Beckley, WV for the night and finished the next morning, getting in a little before noon. Though the drive was less stressful than I expected, but not without it’s difficulties. Rylee refused to drink from the travel water dish and, several hours into day one, started panting like a dog. I’ve never seen a cat pant, and found this disconcerting. She got lethargic and temperamental and worried us quite a bit. She drank from her own dish that night, though.

We went to Ohio for my Brother-In-Law‘s wedding. The four of us have known each other since High School, which is why I was actually looking forward to this. The week was busy with golfing and parties and rehearsals and such. Each time I head to Ohio, I’m reminded of how much I miss it. It was beautiful up there.

I kept intending to blog and transcribe and do so many other things, but it just wasn’t happening.

Picture proof:
Ohio Trip Summer 2007 017Ohio Trip Summer 2007 022
Ohio Trip Summer 2007 048
Ohio Trip Summer 2007 037Ohio Trip Summer 2007 036
Ohio Trip Summer 2007 051Ohio Trip Summer 2007 071
Ohio Trip Summer 2007 081Ohio Trip Summer 2007 079
Ohio Trip Summer 2007 112Ohio Trip Summer 2007 105
Ohio Trip Summer 2007 117Ohio Trip Summer 2007 129
Ohio Trip Summer 2007 146Ohio Trip Summer 2007 125
Ohio Trip Summer 2007 202Ohio Trip Summer 2007 204

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