Charles Barr

The bass world lost a bright star yesterday with the passing of the Cleveland Orchestra’s Charles Barr. Charles was a friend of my teacher, Mike Hill, and was just really beginning to reach his stride, some say.

Barr was struck by a truck while riding his bicycle yesterday after rehearsal.

Charles Barr

3 comments to Charles Barr

  • Brian Thornton

    Charles was a great friend of mine in the orchestra. He was always up for a conversation about music or life, and was always totally committed to anything he did. We miss him.

  • Philip Payton

    Charles was a great friend of mine while we played in the New World Symphony together. I spent alot of days laughing my tail off while talking about eveything in life with him. His work ethic was an inspiration. I miss him bigtime.

  • Leonore Gualano

    Charles was my brother’s son. We all miss him so much and I grieve everyday for my brother. I recently found a really cute picture of the two of them together at the beach – Charles must have been about 6 or 7. I can’t imagine the pain of losing a child. I love them all.

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