the Sixth Sense

Product Image: Touch The Sound
My rating: 5 out of 5

This excellent film explores the world of percussionist Evelyn Glennie. What will be impressed upon most viewers is the fact that Glennie is deaf. What impresses me the most is how sensitively she hears.

I had the pleasure of meeting Glennie several years ago while working for the Orlando Philharmonic Orchestra. She was probably the most demanding, particular soloist we had, very sensitive to the acoustics of the hall and timbre of the instruments we provided her. Glennie has developed an amazing sensitivity to the way sound resonates in her hands, torso, face, allowing her to percieve music with the same precision as a “hearing” musician.

I have not met many people as inspiring as Glennie and this evocative film does a superb job of presenting her as a thoughtful, sensitive (there’s that word again) musician and, more importantly, human being.

I recommend all students of music and The Arts view this movie.

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  • Evelyn is a really interesting person. I played with her recently in the IRIS Chember Orchestra in Tennessee. She is an awesome player, and you would never know that she was deaf working with her in rehearsal–she responds and follows just like a person with regular hearing. Amazing.

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