Goings On

Life at the CJC has been quite hectic.

    Meetings with the library staff, learning to preserve our commissions and scores.
    Securing books for the Jazz Surge – Miles Ahead and Newport Jazz Festival Suite.
    Finding out and old friend is the Executive Director of the Cleveland Jazz Orchestra.
    Trying and failing to secure a hotel sponsor.
    Setting up a database with Filemaker and teaching myself how to work with it (can anyone help me with scripts?).

I’m trying to keep up with school. I’ll be working a research project on Bassist/Composers. Off the top of my head, I’m interested in Mingus, John Patitucci, John Clayton, and Dave Holland. Any other suggestions? We won’t actually be doing the research for the class, just the theoretical framework business. I plan to folow through next year (spring/summer ’07) and get published, God willing.

Other than that, just trying to practice as much as possible. Transcriptions are a pretty difficult bag for me. Just trying to keep my head above.

Concerts coming up soon. Jazz II (the Deuce) and USF Symphony Orchestra. Stay tuned.

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