Darcy James Argue


No, I haven’t gone mad. Darcy James Argue is an NYC-based composer I met at the IAJE annual conference in NYC this week. I did not get the pleasure to hear his music, as I was busy tending to our booth, but I caught a bit of a panel discussion he was on regarding the internet as a marketing tool (Myspace, blogs, websites, Mog, etc).

I have been reading his blog, DJA’s Secret Society incessantly since the end of that panel yesterday and really find it intriguing|a glimpse into NYC jazz life. I really would love to live here. Every musician I have met that has done the NYC thing or is successful tells me that the easiestbest way to break in is to just move there and start networking.

Until I can grow the intestinal fortitude to really consider it, I will bask in the street level view afforded me by Darcy James Argue.

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  • [...] I’ve mentioned before that I first met Darcy at the last IAJE conference, where we were often internet kiosk neighbors. I intend to liveblog this year’s conference, if the schedule accompanying my new position with the CJC permits. [...]

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