it’s hard to compete with a knucklehead

matthewwengerdtrio played its first gig this evening: a 2 hour hit at the Lakeland North Starbucks. I just posted a gigspam on this one. I have to say that I haven’t been this nervous for a gig in a long time. This was the first time I’ve led a band and my [...]

Caffeine Jazz

If you are in or near the Lakeland, Florida area, come see matthewwengerdtrio play its first outing at the Lakeland North Starbucks. We hit at 7:30 (but come early to get your daily dose) and will play two sets. I’ve been telling my faithful readers about the subbing I’ve been doing in Tampa [...]

burgers and chain wallets

Meghan and I had the privilege of eating at downtown Lakeland’s Chop Shop this weekend. The Florida Food blog mentioned this restaurant recently, but it was a sighting followed by a mention in the Lakeland Ledger that piqued my interest in this restaurant. Festooned with tin signs and Biker Bar neon signs, this [...]

another one bites the dust

I experienced some sickening damage to my bass last week. To most, this damage may seem inconsequential. It is, as far as I can tell, not structural nor does it affect the sound of my bass, but my musical partner, as it were, is hurt nonetheless.

Rumano took the top off last summer and [...]