burgers and chain wallets

Meghan and I had the privilege of eating at downtown Lakeland’s Chop Shop this weekend. The Florida Food blog mentioned this restaurant recently, but it was a sighting followed by a mention in the Lakeland Ledger that piqued my interest in this restaurant. Festooned with tin signs and Biker Bar neon signs, this restaurant is owned by a husband and wife and boasts a tough chopper ambiance.

I had an excellent cheeseburger on Texas Toast and the wife a chicken wrap. The food was excellent and the owner wanted to make sure the burger was cooked to my liking. Like floridafood says, the hours are prohibitive for regular eating, but I’m looking forward to checking this restaurant out again. It’s nice to find something new in Lakeland.

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  • rockabilly rebel

    To add to the previous comments, the burgers and wings are unreal in this joint. Pabst Blue Ribbon 16 ounce cans (very cool) as well as other bottles, and beers on draft (and energy drinks)! And they make their own sangria.
    Oh and now that the owner’s wife had her baby, they have expanded their hours to 11-9 every day but Sunday (closed) and Monday they close early.

  • jimbo

    The food and service at the chop shop is hands down the best place to eat and drink also it is a great place to meet good people and a great place to take the family for lunch or dinner. I give the chop shop 5 stars.
    Check this place out!!!

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