another one bites the dust

tbs 331I experienced some sickening damage to my bass last week. To most, this damage may seem inconsequential. It is, as far as I can tell, not structural nor does it affect the sound of my bass, but my musical partner, as it were, is hurt nonetheless.

Rumano took the top off last summer and an area on the upper bout of the table’s treble side seemed as though it may have seen an already troubled area exacerbated by the work. There is a very obvious crack or seam (I can’t be sure) that was fine inside the purfling, but never very stable outside the purfling. I had meant to tack it in better with some hide glue, but never did. The table had seen some compaction on the edge from load-in and -out of my car.
tbs 319tbs 307
Well, the very corner’s gone now, following the pre-existing line on the vertical and a new break on the horizontal. It had been gone for days before I discovered it. My friends and colleagues assumed I knew it had happened and never mentioned it. I cannot find the missing piece and will have to have it rebuilt. I do not plan on having the top removed for this work.

Rick Desgrange and Ron Annis have been recommended for the work. Ron did my Laborie endpin and I am somewhat familiar with his work. I’m just not sure what to do. I definitely don’t have a ton of money to do this, so we’ll see.

Thoughts and (ahem) well wishes appreciated. Click on the pictures for larger views.

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