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BR 03.31.07 027Bendelow Road had our monthly hit at Lakeland Steak and Ale tonight. This was our first outing with new drummer, Ryan Marsh. It was with Ryan that I played the Red Rose Room last Wednesday.

BR 03.31.07 017This was a quite successful hit. Our second set was definitely shaky, but we haven’t sounded as tight as we did on several tunes tonight. Victoria deLissovoy sat in on an absolutely wailing rendition of Blue Bossa. Several friends came, including Woody and Tina Detwiler (Woody, of Carousol fame) and Paige Pilkington, a co-worker when I was teaching. Thanks to all of them.
BR 03.31.07 013BR 03.31.07 020
BR 03.31.07 028BR 03.31.07 007
Afterward, Meghan and I met up with Paige and her friends at the Blue Nile, a restaurant in Lakeland. It was nice to see Everton and Keenan with Taabu, an R&B band in town, with whom I am well acquainted.
BR 03.31.07 036

A fun night, about to be followed by a viewing of Pursuit of Happyness.

BR 03.31.07 033BR 03.31.07 021BR 03.31.07 002BR 03.31.07 034

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