One down

cjc 018

It’s been a taxing first week of Graduate School. I passed the Theory and History placement exams. Ohter than that, it’s been quite discouraging. After four push-backs, my bass is now scheduled to come Tuesday night; after another round of classes without it. Not only do I feel under-prepared for auditions/school/ensembles, I haven’t been playing on an instrument that is comfortable. Compound that with my complaining about a poor instrument (excuses, excuses), and I feel like I don’t quite belong.

I really just want to start lessons and work hard. I’ve felt stagnant already – no lessons yet, my instrument in MD. I’m counting on the Klotz to bring me out of my funk.

It’s quite an exciting program for the Orchestra this year (I made 2nd chair/4). The fifth symphonies of Thaichovsky, Beethoven, Rorem, and Mahler, Copland’s Appalachain Spring, Stravinsky’s Dumbarton Oaks, and much more are quite exciting.

It’ll come.

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