Pinky Exercise

The pinky exercise is magic for electric bass players. It can be used myriad ways, focusing on sound, left hand, right hand, and many combinations otherwise.

1 2 3 4__1 4 3 4__2 4 3 4__3 4 3 4

Start this pattern at the 12th fret on your highest string. Play it at a slow tempo (QUARTER notes @ 60 bpm or so) and PLAY WITH A METRONOME!!!

Play this pattern and then shift down one half step. Play it again and shift down another half step. Continue this all the way to the first fret and then move to the next highest string. DO the same pattern, shifting up from the 1st to 12th frets. Do this down the G, up the D, down the A, up the E. Use your low B and high C if you have it.

I start students focusing on “quieting” the left hand. Don’t move more than you have to and keep all fingers down unless required otherwise. We’ll move on from there!

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