redneck jazz

BR at SaA 1.27.07 004Early hit at Lakeland Steak and Ale with Bendelow Road las night. It was my first hit with BR since IAJE, as I was sick and missed a scheduled hit and two last-minute bookings.

I think this was easily the best hit we have done. We played just a couple Bagwell originals, mostly standards and a couple groove tunes (Mercy, Mercy, Mercy; Cold Duck Time; etc.). We’ve got a long way to go, but I am really happy with how things are progressing with this group.

Leader Nick Bagwell:
BR at SaA 1.27.07 008

Donald Lunsford, TS and Kyle Guira, ‘bone:
BR at SaA 1.27.07 001

My wife, my back:
BR at SaA 1.27.07 002
(Boy, does she look tired!)

Yours truly:
BR at SaA 1.27.07 003

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  • I am very intrested to comming to hear some great music!
    Are you still playing with Nick Bagwell? If so when and where can I come to hear some great tunes.

    Thanks much

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