USFSO rehearsalI achieved one goal for this year already: I am principal bass of the University of South Florida Symphony Orchestra. This is an absolutely excellent large ensemble under the direction of Dr. William Wiedrich.

The ensemble’s next concert is February 15 at the Palladium Theatre in St. Petersburg, Florida at 7:30 pm. The program is:

Schoenberg|Fanfare on Motifs of “Die Gurrelieder”
Chausson|Poeme, Op. 25|Carolyn Stuart, violin
Helps|Gossamer Noons|Joanna Curtis, soprano
Rorem| Symphony No. 3

With the exception of Chausson, all od these were written in the last Century. Though not necessarily revolutionary, it is exciting to see an educational ensemble programming post-Classical/Romantic music.

My view from the front desk:
USFSO rehearsal
USFSO rehearsal
USF 01.29.07 003

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  • [...] I described the program here, so I won’t do so again. Tonight was the first time we heard the Chausson all the way through and it was quite nice. Dress went very well and I’m hoping not to jinx the performance. [...]

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